FON faces competition

FON faces competition

I've just read a new post written by Martin Varsavsky, which shows his optimism about the rapid growth of FON in the US market. Obviously, if you consider a success to find people interested in getting a WiFi router for free (including freight and taxes), he has been quite successful lately, since in a few hours he increased "his US customer base" with 6,000 new members who asked for his gift.

But now a new "movement" has been launched. It is called WHISHER, and it's being promoted by Mike Puchol with the funding of Swisscom and Benchmark Capital. It is quite similar to FON, but the best of WHISHER is that you can be a member, even if you do not have WiFi to share.

Bad times for Varsavsky, who is facing competition even before making any EUR/USD from FON. WHISHER, and TORRASKI are the new players in the WiFi market, and the three of them will have to share the cake. Guiño

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