Should we always lie to become rich?

Should we always lie to become rich?

Most people believe that it is almost impossible to become a millionaire being honest, and I do share this opinion, in most cases.

Today I was reading Martin Varsavsky's blog and I've found a post wrote by Videoblitz questioning several legal matters of the WiFi sharing promoted by FON. It was quite funny to read the reply left by Martin: "And of course they would contact Fon if they had a problem with Fon! Why should they go after each Austrian? You have an unusual view of the world. With your views Skype would have never developed".

As far as I know, the contracts signed with our phone companies do not prohibit us the use of VOIP, while on the other hand, the contracts signed with our ISPs clearly indicate that we are not allowed to share our Internet connections.

It is a fact that most of the foneros are breaking their contracts to enjoy WiFi access out of their homes, and they should know that their ISPs can take legal actions against them, not against FON, because all of them are forced to declare that their ISP authorize them to use their WiFi connection as a FON Access Point to join FON .

His FONEROS are lying to join "the movement" and make him richer, while Martin is lying to them and treating them like stupid for the same reason. Is it fair?; Should we always lie to become rich?

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